Minuti Coffee Stores are your neighborhood’s favorite meeting place. The place that makes your coffee in the morning, that makes your favorite pasta for lunch and dinner. The place you feel at home. The place that makes living local, easy.





We wear the Minuti badge, not as something to hide behind, but as a shining badge of honour on our chest, the four stars reminding us of our four rules…

  • Simply – Never complicate what we do.
  • Easily – Make the moment easy to enjoy.
  • Beautifully – Make every detail as special as we can.
  • Passionately – Love what we do.

A Minuti person is warm, well mannered and understands the power passion has. They are great fun, enjoy life and work hard at it. Minuti service knows that happy people work harder and so we work really hard at making every member of our team as happy and content in their work as we can so they work harder for you guys! What works for us is an efficient, friendly and ‘real’ service. We believe this touch of reality goes a long way to making an everyday action like buying coffee anything but!

Looking for a new and exciting job? Think you have what it takes?